Marcel's Pinball Page !!! 

In April 2000 I had bought a '87 Zaccaria Robot Pinball machine from a friend. The machine didn't do a thing, only some lights went on when the power was put on. After some investigations, I found that the power board had some bad connections, some wires to the control board were not connected, relays that were making bad connections, bad rubber bands, dirty play field, etc. It took me 10 days to investigate and fix all problems.

After all these problems were fixed the machine works correct with (German...) sound and all lights go on and off. Only one display is destroyed because my stupid brother threw a ball against one, it lit up very much and then turned off, forever.

Bye bye display, no fourth player anymore, snik !

If anyone wants information about my machine just contact me and I'll try to help, also checkout

Below are some pics of the machine: